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  • Counterintuitive Cures

    Counterintuitive Cures

    How confronting winter elements head-on helped quell my Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms When deciding to attempt the #1000hoursoutside challenge, I knew winter would be my Everest. How could I possibly spend time outside during the months that made me want to curl up and hibernate until May? The mere minutes I was spending between getting… Read more

  • Micro Habits

    Micro Habits

    We’re now 28 days into our 1,000 hours outside challenge. And while we’re far from quitting or giving up on this lofty goal, we also have to make peace with a slower start than one might expect. An equal distribution of 1,000 hours over twelve months would be about 83 hours per month. We’re clocking… Read more

  • Body


    It’s been skinned knees while climbing up trees, rollerblades dragged by a puppy on a leash. Mom hates hers, Grandma does too- should I hate this body? Haven’t got a clue. Given a candle for purity. But why’s the burden always on me?  Told not to make the boys stumble, but what if  I make… Read more

  • #1000hoursoutside Challenge- 2023

    #1000hoursoutside Challenge- 2023

    Because otherwise I’d never leave the house in January If you don’t know me very well (yet), here’s the quick rundown: Grew up in Southern California Maintained an active and adventurous life outdoors (hiking, surfing, swimming, etc) Moved to Iowa in 2013 Whines when it’s less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit Assumes full hermit status during… Read more

  • The Precipice?

    The Precipice?

    I’m not going to lie to you. I’m tempted, to be sure, but I’ll remain truthful. I’ll cough it up, phlegm and all. I don’t think I’ve been using the word ‘precipice’ correctly. There. It’s out in the world. For weeks, months, I’ve entertained a gnawing mantra that seemed to be playing on a continuous… Read more

  • MLMs are Killing Authentic Connection

    MLMs are Killing Authentic Connection

    Real connections in this lonely world are special and should not be beaten to death. Read more