About Brianna

Welcome to my page! A few fast and furious facts: lover of reading and writing, outdoor enthusiast yet also a homebody, ambivert, enneagram 4, still getting used to new hearing aids. But also-

I’m surrounded by boys! My husband, Ryan, is a professor of economics at Coe College here in Cedar Rapids. Our first son is our Bernese Mountain Dog Marshall, who is 130 pounds of fluff and chill. In 2017 we welcomed our first human child, Cal. He’s a dinosaur loving, imaginative, emotionally intelligent, silly, adorable little spitfire. His vocabulary shocks us daily. His little brother, Benjamin, was born in 2019. Ben is full of joy, curiosity, smiles, and knocking down every tower. It’s a miracle I haven’t eaten his chubby cheeks yet.

I was born and raised in Southern California, but have called Iowa home for several years. I alternate between lamenting every time we visit the golden state (the traffic! the crowds! the costs!) and wistfully dreaming of walks on the beach while in the throes of dark midwestern winters. More than anything I wish I could see my family more often; can we just make California and Iowa nearby neighbors somehow?

Mrs. Baranowski is my name and education has always been my game. I have taught kindergarten, ELL, intervention, and dabbled in administration. I am currently an ELL teacher at the intermediate level.

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